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Crockett & Crockett represents inventors in many different fields of invention. Our clients have received far too many patents to list on just one page. This page highlights our most recently issued U.S. patents.

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Pat.No. TitleAssignee
9,672,226 - Method to identify an object and a system for doing the same Agency for Science, Technology and Research
9,668,168 - Method and device for mobile data offload Agency for Science, Technology and Research
9,657,883 - Apparatus and method for installing a liner in a pipe Repiper AB (Molndal, SE)
9,649,479 - Balloon catheter systems for delivery of dry drug delivery vesicles to a vessel in the body Caliber Therapeutics, Inc.
9,649,478 - Balloon catheter systems for delivery of dry drug delivery vesicles to a vessel in the body Caliber Therapeutics, Inc.
9,647,352 - Method of preparing embryos or blastocysts for cryopreservation Mariposa Biotechnology, Inc.
9,628,243 - Communication method with indications in the PHY headerAgency for Science, Technology and Research
9,615,952 - Method for performing a gastrectomyFreehold Surgical, Inc.
9,615,553 - Artificial fishing lureDominion Lures, Inc
9,609,853 - Artificial fishing lureDominion Lures, Inc
9,601,174 - Magnetoelectric device, method for forming a magnetoelectric device, and writing method for a magnetoelectric device Agency for Science, Technology and Research
9,599,530 - Method of testing a gas shut-down valve and a system for exercising the method IOP Marine A/S
9,599,525 - Pre-loaded force sensors Sensitronics, LLC
9,597,257 - Automated chest compression apparatus The Johns Hopkins University
9,594,263 - Electrically controlled optical elements and methodFakespace Labs, Inc.
9,589,554 - Electronic musical instruments Sensitronics, LLC
9,583,944 - Method and apparatus for electrical load control network The Watt Stopper, Inc.
9,581,821 - Head mounted augmented reality displayFakespace Labs, Inc.
9,577,839 - Location-based addressing lighting and environmental control system, device and methodThe Watt Stopper, Inc.
9,577,313 - Pedestal for tracking antennaSpaceCom Holding ApS
9,572,627 - Medical suction clearing apparatusOntium, LLC
9,572,332 - Artificial fishing lureDominion Lures, Inc.
9,564,971 - Devices and methods for modular optical cabling systemsLastar, Inc.
D777,804 - Track for a loaderMcLaren Group Holdings Pte. Ltd
9,555,182 - Method and apparatus for removal of gas bubbles from bloodIndian Wells Medical, Inc.
9,554,842 - Cryoprobe for low pressure systemsSanarus Technologies, Inc.
9,551,421 - Sliding member and process for producing the sameNOK Corporation
9,550,298 - Covering material and covering structure for robot grasping unitNOK Corporation
9,549,727 - Methods for intra-abdominally moving and holding the liver away from the stomachFreehold Surgical, Inc.
9,526,878 - Anti-extravasation surgical portal plugCannuflow, Inc.
9,527,426 - Attachment structure for supporting and releasably attaching a container, a corresponding support structure, a transport vehicle and a containerClean City Cargo Concept APS
9,532,924 - Chest compression devices for use with imaging systems, and methods of use of chest compression devices with imaging systemsZOLL Circulation, Inc.
9,537,978 - Compression devices, decompression devices, compression methods, and decompression methodsAgency for Science, Technology and Research
9,521,685 - Circuit arrangement and method of determining a priority of packet schedulingAgency for Science, Technology and Research
9,516,604 - Method of transmitting data between a plurality of base stations and a plurality of mobile stationsAgency for Science, Technology and Research
9,510,525 - Agricultural crop and field sprayer and method for operating an agricultural crop and field sprayerSA Exel Industries
9,510,428 - Zero power lighting control device and methodThe Wattstopper, Inc.
9,510,121 - Transducer and method of controlling the sameAgency for Science, Technology and Research
9,506,823 - Bonding stress testing arrangement and method of determining stressAgency for Science, Technology and Research
9,504,626 - CPR gurneyZoll Circulation, Inc.
9,496,253 - Miniature passive structures, high frequency electrostatic discharge protection networks, and high frequency electrostatic discharge protection schemesNanyang Technological University
9,492,347-Methods and devices for attaching a belt cartridge to a chest compression deviceZoll Circulation, Inc.
9,485,984 - Method of preparing oocytes, embryos, or blastocysts for cryopreservationMariposa Biotechnology, Inc.
9,476,509 - Axially aligned rotationally adjustable flow control valveGriswold Controls, LLC
9,468,226 - Feed additive, feed, and method for producing feedTohoku University
9,466,007 - Method and device for image processingAgency for Science, Technology and Research
9,454,741 - System and method for tracking information in a business environmentJeffrey Brian Klem
9,454,428 - Error correction method and module for non-volatile memoryAgency for Science, Technology and Research
9,451,941 - System for intra-abdominally moving an organFreehold Surgical, Inc.
9,447,775 - Power generating windbags and waterbagsYik Hei Sia
9,446,625 - Combination of a wheel center cap and a hub centering ringEast Scandic A/S
9,445,836 - Steerable endoluminal punchIndian Wells Medical, Inc.
9,434,836 - EPDM composition for torsional damperNOK Corporation

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