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TaylorMade now going after PXG in patent infringement dispute

When someone takes your intellectual property or abuses your patent, it's your right to pursue a claim against that individual. When it's a company that does so obviously and it begins to affect your business, it becomes very important to address the issue quickly.

Protecting trade secrets requires vision

The internet has allowed companies to find new ways to offer services to customers. As these opportunities emerge, so does the chance for collaboration. However, with innovation and collaboration comes competition, and the first company to bring an idea to market often wins the spoils of ingenuity and innovation. An ongoing dispute between a company offering online vision tests and another offering eyewear shows the importance of protecting trade secrets.

How can you protect trade secrets?

If you run a business, you know the importance of protecting your business's assets. One of those assets may be a trade secret. A trade secret is any specific recipe or way of doing things that sets your business apart and makes it profitable. For instance, if you pick up a can of Ragu at the supermarket, you'll notice that no one else has the recipe. That's because Ragu's recipe is a trade secret that is protected intensely.

Trade secrets: You can litigate if trade secrets are exposed

Imagine building up your business from the ground. You have special menu items at your restaurant and secret ingredients that make people come back over and over again. These are your trade secrets. Trade secrets are called secrets for a reason. If you give them away, your business could end up falling out from under you. Certain formulas and business practices are your specific creation, so it's important to protect those ideas. 

Fighting against cybersquatting

In today’s increasingly digital world, a company’s online presence can have a very big impact. It could affect many key things for a company, such as its reputation among consumers and how it reaches out to new and existing customers. Such things can impact the overall strength of a company’s brand, which could have major ramifications for its bottom line.

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