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September 2017 Archives

Patent infringement: You can fight it and recover your losses

You have patents on all your most important goods. You've been selling them for years, and the patents you have protect your products from being copied by others. Despite that, you've recently seen a few companies put out similar items. One of your old employees works at one of those companies now, so you have an idea about how they got the information they have now on how to recreate your product.

Trade secrets: You can litigate if trade secrets are exposed

Imagine building up your business from the ground. You have special menu items at your restaurant and secret ingredients that make people come back over and over again. These are your trade secrets. Trade secrets are called secrets for a reason. If you give them away, your business could end up falling out from under you. Certain formulas and business practices are your specific creation, so it's important to protect those ideas. 

SCOTUS to hear case against "patent trolls"

The patent and intellectual property arenas are difficult ones, even for attorneys. It is sometimes hard to understand exactly what protections and rights preexisting patents, trademarks and copyrights bestow. Some uses are acceptable, while others are not. In some instances, it is proper to seek judicial relief against intellectual property violations, but other times such action is borderline frivolous.

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