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Choose the right domain name for the most protection

As you develop a new business, one thing you want to do is register your domain name trademark. Your domain name is a unique name specific to your business. No one else has the same name, making it easier for you to direct traffic from the internet to your website. The domain name is associated with your IP address. For instance, if you sell cookies, you might try to get "" as your domain name.

There are several suffixes you can choose for your business's online address, although it's most common to select a .com address. Businesses may want to choose .biz addresses or .travel suffixes for travel organizations. Other suffixes include .edu, .org, .mil and .net.

Not every name made into a domain has a right to trademark protection. You need to make sure that the name you choose is distinctive and associated with your business and products, not someone else's. You need to have been the first person to use it for sales or goods, services or business to seek a trademark as well. If you're able to obtain a trademark, you can then stop others from using similar website addresses or misspelled versions of your own to try to take traffic from you.

You can look for any domain name you want, but it's a good idea to search for any similar businesses to your own and their domain names first. You don't want something too similar, since you could end up losing your right to the domain name if it infringes on their rights. Your attorney can help you be sure you choose a domain that won't result in claims against you.

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