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What can you get a patent for?

When you have products that you want to protect, you may want to consider getting a patent. Certain items, like electronic devices or some kinds of plants, could be patented if they meet the criteria set by the government.

A patent protects your product. It means that no one else can use it without your permission. If they do, you have a legal right to make them stop and to fight for compensation.

What can you get a patent for?

You can get a patent if you create or discover a new or useful machine, composition of matter, manufacture or process. If you improve a process, machine, composition of matter or manufacture, it's also possible to get a patent on that improvement.

What is a process?

By law, a process is defined as process, act or way of making something. Usually, this applies to technical processes or industrial processes.

What is a machine?

Anything mechanical is a machine. That includes televisions, vehicles and other products.

What is a composition of matter?

A composition of matter refers to chemical compositions. Mixtures of chemical compounds and new compounds qualify.

What is manufacture?

This term refers to items that are made, like tables or machinery parts, in a factory.

Knowing these terms and understanding what you can patent is important in business law. Protecting assets early on helps you keep your business running without the risk of losing out to competitors. Patents are fairly straightforward, so don't risk leaving your business open to others stealing from it. Patent anything that you feel benefits your business' bottom line.

Source: FindLaw, "What is Patentable?," accessed Dec. 28, 2017

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