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What to do when someone infringes on your patent

The main benefit of filing for a patent of your invention and ideas is to protect them from unauthorized use. You might think you do not need to do anything else because no one would use or claim a patented invention without permission. However, patent, trademark and copyright infringements happen every day in Aliso Viejo and around the world. 

Protecting inventions internationally: Patent law

When you came up with your latest invention, you knew right away that you had to protect it. It could be life-changing for you and your company if you can manage to keep it protected under law. You don't want to see someone else create it and cost you thousands upon thousands of dollars in potential profits.

Why do patents matter?

It's always a little difficult to protect your ideas, because ideas come and go from person to person. If you're the first person who has an idea, it's your right to protect that idea from use by others. It's easy for people to copy what you do, whether it's written material or creating a similar product. They need to have the idea first, though, which is where protecting your property and ideas comes into play.

SnapLight settles case with Urban Outfitters, Kim Kardashian West

A business's property is often protected by patents or other measures. This is because losing the ability to sell a particular product or to protect ideas could end up ruining a business's sales completely. If a competitor gets a hold of an important piece of information, it could even result in the business shutting down.

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