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June 2018 Archives

Can you trademark a slogan?

A great slogan can take an ad campaign to the next level. From "Maybe It's Maybelline" to "Just Do It," slogans have the power to become synonymous with a brand, but many aspiring entrepreneurs wonder if they can actually place a trademark on a specific string of words. 

Professor opposes trademark for Rapunzel doll

Imagine if you saw that a company was trying to trademark something in common daily life. For example, you see a company trying to trademark the name "Cinderella," even though it's a classic character. Normally, a trademark can't be obtained for things that are in the public domain.

Should you get a patent?

Patents are normally a good idea when you have a product you want to protect. However, when you decide to patent a product varies based on a few factors. In fact, it doesn't have to be the first thing you do.

You have a right to protect your copyright

Copyright infringement is a serious crime, and some people do it without even knowing it. If you do infringe on someone else's property, you could end up facing a lawsuit, so it is wise to understand copyrights and how you can avoid infringing on someone's protected work.

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