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3 ways to effectively protect your trademark

Trademarks are an essential component of any business. In many ways, trademarks are the “face” of a business organization. They define your company and serve to distinguish you from your competitors. However, the legal protections that come with a trademark are only effective when you take steps to preserve your trademark. Here are some ways to help your business receive the full benefits of trademark protection.

1. Register your trademark

You should register your trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Doing so is not a requirement to use your trademark. If you use the mark without registering it, you will still enjoy some common law protections. However, these protections are limited, at best. Registering with the USPTO will greatly enhance and strengthen your trademark protection.

2. Enforce your trademark

The USPTO is not going to police the use of your trademark. If you see another business or organization infringing on the use of your trademark, put them on notice. A polite yet formal cease and desist letter is often enough to stop the infringement. If the use of your trademark persists, you should start considering your legal options.

3. Use your trademark

It may seem like stating the obvious but continued use of your trademark is essential to ensuring it remains protected. Inconsistent use could work against you if you are ever involved in a trademark dispute. It’s also important to renew your registration with the USPTO to ensure you continue to receive the full benefit of the protections that come with registration.

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