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Professor opposes trademark for Rapunzel doll

Imagine if you saw that a company was trying to trademark something in common daily life. For example, you see a company trying to trademark the name "Cinderella," even though it's a classic character. Normally, a trademark can't be obtained for things that are in the public domain.

You have a right to protect your copyright

Copyright infringement is a serious crime, and some people do it without even knowing it. If you do infringe on someone else's property, you could end up facing a lawsuit, so it is wise to understand copyrights and how you can avoid infringing on someone's protected work.

Why do patents matter?

It's always a little difficult to protect your ideas, because ideas come and go from person to person. If you're the first person who has an idea, it's your right to protect that idea from use by others. It's easy for people to copy what you do, whether it's written material or creating a similar product. They need to have the idea first, though, which is where protecting your property and ideas comes into play.

SnapLight settles case with Urban Outfitters, Kim Kardashian West

A business's property is often protected by patents or other measures. This is because losing the ability to sell a particular product or to protect ideas could end up ruining a business's sales completely. If a competitor gets a hold of an important piece of information, it could even result in the business shutting down.

Eagles file lawsuit against Hotel California

If you created a song talking about a hotel you've made up in your mind, the last thing you'd expect is to find that someone has built it as a result. That's what happened to the Eagles, though, who discovered that a hotel in Mexico decided to name itself Hotel California. The hotel shares its name with the iconic song from 1976, one that most people still know to this day.

When can you legally use images from the internet?

You just wanted to create a cool project for your school. You decided to make a screen-printed T-shirt. You took an image you love off Google, and then you printed it onto a shirt. Everyone loved it, but when you went to sell it online, you got a notice that you needed to stop. If you didn't, you could face legal action. What happened?

Trade secrets: Keeping them safe from others

It was a "Eureka!" moment when you finally created a product you wanted to sell to others. You quickly began to create plans for your business, knowing that it would be successful. No one else has anything like you're creating, and that means great things for your future.

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