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Experienced Legal Protection For Intellectual Property Worldwide

Commerce is more global than ever, and every indication is it will become increasingly so. The intellectual property lawyers at Crockett & Crockett serve U.S. companies interested in expanding overseas as well as foreign-based law firms and companies that wish to file U.S. trademark, copyright and patent applications.

Understanding The Patent Cooperation Treaty

Our experienced legal team has aligned itself with an extensive network of associates throughout the world who assist us in establishing international intellectual property protection for our U.S. clients.

A U.S. patent is just that — legal protection for a product or service within the United States. The increase in global commerce means many U.S. companies must protect their intellectual property in foreign markets. An international patent application is needed to pursue patent protection outside of one's home country. This process includes pursuing protection under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). It reserves your right to enter more than 153 countries that are part of the PCT.

The patent lawyers at Crockett & Crockett will guide you through the process of obtaining worldwide intellectual property protection.


Let Us Protect You Domestically And Abroad

Please call us at 949-588-6171, or you can use our online contact form to provide more information about your intellectual property matter. You can also email us to obtain our schedule of fees and filing requirements for international intellectual property law services.

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