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National Stage Entry in the United States

Experienced Serving Foreign IP Law Firms

Our lawyers serve as the U.S. associates for several overseas law firms, handling national stage patent applications based on previously filed PCT applications and Paris Convention filings. We also assist foreign-based companies and law firms that need to prosecute or defend against intellectual property infringement in the U.S.

In representing foreign businesses and law firms, we provide the same personable service, emphasis on clear communication and easy accessibility that our domestic clients appreciate.

Crockett & Crockett can assist you with U.S. National Stage Entry, direct filings, or legal counsel and assistance with any pending U.S. applications.  Our attorneys understand that the most important qualities you are looking for in a U.S. associate are reliability, prompt service, and competitive pricing.  It is also our goal to give you clear and straightforward flat fee prices that you can quote to your client.

To enter the U.S. national phase, please send an email to with the PCT application number, the deadline due date, and your contact details. Please also identify whether the applicant is a large entity or small entity so that we can confirm the official fees due. 

Crockett & Crockett provides service that is fast, reliable, and cost efficient. 

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