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Protecting Your Company's Image Through Trademark Registration And Enforcement

Your company's image is as important as the technology you develop. Trademarks, service marks, logos, slogans and other source identifiers are all important ways of developing that image consumers come to know and trust.

Since 1995, the experienced trademark attorneys at Crockett & Crockett have helped companies develop cost-effective branding strategies.

Federal registration has never been more affordable — given low filing fees, internet access to trademark databases and online filing. The advantages of filing for a federal trademark registration include:

  • Putting others on notice of your ownership claim to a mark

  • A legal presumption of ownership nationwide

  • The ability to sue an infringer in federal court

We begin the registration process by searching potential trademarks before filing the application, helping our client determine if a mark is protectable or if there is any risk in adopting it. Once filed, our trademark attorneys continue to monitor federal applications to keep our clients apprised of similar marks.

We handle a wide range of ongoing trademark portfolio management, goodwill monitoring and trademark enforcement matters for our clients.


Our skilled trademark lawyers also have an extensive network of associates throughout the world who assist us in establishing strong and enforceable international trademark protection.

Early consultation with one of our knowledgeable trademark attorneys can help you develop strong international trademark protection and avoid infringement. If concerns of infringement have already arisen, let us help you find a solution. Contact us or call 949-588-6171.

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