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Sample Patents


Crockett & Crockett represents inventors in many different fields of invention. Our clients have received far too many patents to list on just one page. This page highlights our most recently issued U.S. patents.

Representative Patents — Clicking on this link will open a new window to the website of the United States Patent and Trademark Office and list all of our issued U.S. patents.

10,813,666 - Arthroscopic flexible portal cannula device and delivery system

10,813,658 - Method of providing for the minimization of extravasation during arthroscopic surgery

D899,462 - Air intake system with a ribbed airbox

10,808,679 - Drone mounted wind turbine-generator system

10,806,909 - Balloon catheter systems for delivery of dry drug delivery vesicles to a vessel in the body

10,806,483 - Steerable endoluminal punch

10,806,216 - Shoe sole, insole of shoe, main sole of shoe, and shoe

10,794,511 - Pressure independent control valve with an electronic control system

10,791,609 - Method and apparatus for controlling light levels to save energy

10,786,655 - Steerable guidewire and method of use

10,786,301 - Arthroscopic surgical temperature control system

10,779,858 - Steerable endoluminal punch

10,764,983 - Methods and devices for auto-calibrating light dimmers

10,743,878 - Apparatus and method for delivering surgical tissue connectors into an abdominal cavity and removing the surgical tissue connectors from the abdominal cavity

10,743,395 - Methods and apparatus for providing DC power for low voltage lighting

10,729,457 - Steerable endoluminal punch with cutting stylet

10,722,265 - Expandable and collapsible brain cannula

10,694,927Rigid arthroscope system

10,666,046System for distributing DC power to and controlling building devices

10,648,766 Speargun

10,646,212Devices and method for access and visualization for lumbar interbody fusion (LIF)

10,632,281Drug delivery catheters that attach to tissue and methods for their use

10,620,327 Method And Apparatus For Noise Control In Ultrasonic Sensors

10,619,625 Power Generating Windbags And Waterbags

D879,951 Arthroscopic Cannula

D879,871Stringed Instrument

10,609,764Temperature Controller

10,527,178 Axially aligned rotationally adjustable flow control valve

10,555,666Cannula with proximally mounted camera and transparent obturator 

10,556,145Resistance training system 

D875,644Collapsible car trunk and grocery organizer with hard cover and cooler bag 

10,588,664 Subcutaneous implant delivery apparatus and method of delivering a subcutaneous implantable device for accessing a vascular site 

10,525,478Comminuting Device 

10,524,773 Method For Intra-Abdominally Moving An Organ

10,485,579Steerable Endoluminal Punch

10,485,569 - Steerable Endoluminal Punch

10,485,077 - Method And Apparatus For Controlling Light Levels To Save Energy

10,477,658 Methods And Apparatus For Providing DC Power For Low Voltage Lighting

10,477,648Methods And Devices For Auto-Calibrating Light Dimmers

10,476,301Method And Apparatus For Electrical Load Control Network

10,456,510Anti-Extravasation Catheter

10,455,665 Zero Power Lighting Control Device And Method

10,451,904Electrically Controlled Optical Elements And Method

10,448,993Arthroscopic Surgical Temperature Control System

10,436,375Apparatus And Method For Installing A Liner In A Pipe

10,429,860 Adjustable Valve

10,426,642Membrane For Covering A Peripheral Surface Of A Stent

10,413,169 Cannula with proximally mounted camera

10,407,927 - Wave Generator System

10,398,581 Method For Performing A Gastrectomy

10,398,318 Cannula with proximally mounted camera

Sample Trademarks


Crockett & Crockett represents companies in many different business endeavors. Our clients have received far too many trademarks to list on just one page. This page highlights our most recently issued U.S. trademarks.






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