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Experienced Advocacy In Intellectual Property Litigation

The Orange County law firm of Crockett & Crockett is prepared to meet the intellectual property litigation needs of our clients. Our team is experienced in large-scale trademark and patent litigation and appellate practice.

Whether in federal court or inter parte proceedings before the patent or trademark offices, the principals at Crockett & Crockett have had considerable, successful intellectual property litigation experience.

Our intellectual property attorneys have also settled several IP disputes before they reached the level of litigation. Many patent, trademark and domain name disputes we have handled ended in favorable summary judgment decisions, achieving the desired result for a fraction of the cost of going to trial.

Let Us Review Your Intellectual Property Dispute

While IP owners and holders can take steps to protect their intellectual property rights, your reputation and brand are at risk when patent, trademark, copyright or trade secret infringement occurs. The same risks are present to those accused of unfair competition or trademark fraud.

When unavoidable controversies arise, we promote a frank assessment of the tradeoffs associated with settlement while examining all of the alternatives. If intellectual property litigation is inevitable, our lawyers act aggressively to achieve our clients' objectives. Please call 949-588-6171 or contact us to discuss your IP dispute.

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