Need to Protect your Intellectual Property Rights?

Let Our Orange County Intellectual Property Law Firm Develop the Right Strategy for You

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In order to serve entrepreneurs, inventors and businesses’ intellectual property needs in Southern California, founder David Crockett established Crockett & Crockett in 1995. Devoted exclusively to intellectual property, all of our lawyers have a significant history of success in the practice of patent, trademark and unfair competition law. We assist a diverse spectrum of clients by providing an objective analysis of their IP and creating a strategy to help establish protection for both owners and users of intellectual property.

Every Orange County intellectual property lawyer on our team has an engineering background and technical expertise. Our patent success rate is unparalleled in Orange County. Each of our intellectual property lawyers are registered patent attorneys who can practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Some of the industries that we serve include:

  • Medical devices including biomedical
  • Digital and analog electronics
  • Renewable resource technologies including power and water
  • Computer software

Our firm is knowledgeable about all areas that encompass intellectual property. Our practice includes:

Crockett & Crockett attorneys pride themselves in protecting your ideas, from capturing your disclosure through filing of all necessary documentation to perfect your rights, helping you fully exploit the idea’s potential through portfolio management and licensing, and fighting for your rights when your intellectual property is threatened by another entity. We can help you obtain protection domestically and abroad, and help foreign nationals obtain protection in the United States. Through opinion letters and due diligence analysis, we can help you resolve validity and infringement issues, such as assessing the validity of a competitor’s claim and proactively preventing an infringement suit in a field with many existing patents. We can also advise you as to the potential risk and profitability of acquisitions. Our litigation skills are voracious in the pursuit of any infringement of your protected technology that affects your present and future interests and if a lawsuit becomes necessary, we will battle to obtain immediate injunctive relief and secure appropriate damages.

Rest assured that the team of intellectual property lawyers at Crockett & Crockett is dedicated to satisfying all phases of your intellectual property needs. From the inception of your idea, through to its final protected form, we stand ready to create, manage, fight for and defend your property. For more information on how we can serve your specific needs, contact an Orange County intellectual property attorney at Crockett & Crockett.