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Do You Need A Patent Or A Trademark?


Crockett and Crockett is a law firm dedicated solely to patent, trademark and copyright law. ........ Office in Aliso Viejo our specialized focus  ...

do you want to talk about fees? What are your USPs? how do you serve your clients? What separates you from the competition? 

Protect you creations and IP  guide and educate you so that you can makegood choices? now and in the future as your business develops and grows?

Text can expand on trademarks to help grow Niky?

A good patent attorney must have strong technical, legal and communication skills. They must also understand that their job is not limited to obtaining patent protection for clients, but also involves leading or guiding clients through the patenting pro- cess and, ultimately, advancing a client's business. Talk About lastingrelationships with clients and account service - personal 

Protecting Your IP Rights With Proven Intellectual Property Management Strategy

Another point of pride at the firm is our tradition of providing direct personal client contact — we build relationships. For example, most of our original clients are still with us — clients who our patent attorneys first met to discuss a mere concept over coffee and who have gone on to build thriving businesses.

We listen carefully to every client's ideas and goals, then apply substantial technical and legal expertise to help them build successful enterprises. We offer creative solutions to our clients' IP law issues and pursue cost-effective strategies.




View our representative Patents at the United States Patent And Trademark Office 

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