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Fighting against cybersquatting

In today’s increasingly digital world, a company’s online presence can have a very big impact. It could affect many key things for a company, such as its reputation among consumers and how it reaches out to new and existing customers. Such things can impact the overall strength of a company’s brand, which could have major ramifications for its bottom line.

Now, there are things that could do significant damage to a business’ online presence. Some of these dangers can come from outside sources. One example of this are cybersquatters.

Cybersquatters typically register, for dishonest or unfair purposes, domain names containing words that are or are similar to trademarks of companies. Examples of purposes cybersquatters might use such domain names for include:

  • Trying to squeeze a lot of money out of a company desperate to gain control of a given domain name.

  • Trying to dishonestly tap into a company’s brand and reputation for their own gain.

When cybersquatters have control of a domain name that consumers might connect to a company, the actions they take with this domain name could have major implications for the company’s reputation. So, a business owner can understandably be very worried about their company’s brand when they discover that their company may have fallen victim to a cybersquatter.

Now, companies are not without options for responding to this type of threat. As we note on our page on domain name disputes, there are various routes a business could go to try to combat the efforts of cybersquatters and protect its online presence from such individuals. These different methods vary in the situations they are well-suited for and the specific types of goals they can help a business with. So, when a business owner has encountered a cybersquatting problem they feel could be a threat to their business, they may want a skilled intellectual property attorney’s advice on what approach for fighting the cybersquatting would be the best fit for the circumstances and their goals.

On behalf of Crockett & Crockett posted on Tuesday, August 29, 2017.

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