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TaylorMade now going after PXG in patent infringement dispute

When someone takes your intellectual property or abuses your patent, it's your right to pursue a claim against that individual. When it's a company that does so obviously and it begins to affect your business, it becomes very important to address the issue quickly.

Take for example this case involving the golfing companies TaylorMade and PXG. TaylorMade is accusing PXG of violating several patents it holds for different woods and irons. The company submitted the counterclaim after being accused of violating patents held by PXG previously. It claims it isn't violating any of PXG's patents and would like to have the court stop PXG from selling many of its products including PXG woods, the 0341 fairway woods and 0811 drivers. It also asks that the company stops selling several of its irons including the 0311, 0311T, 0311X and 0311XF.

TaylorMade claims the patents have been violated for several years between 2007 and 2016. PXG initially filed a lawsuit in September 2017 claiming that TaylorMade's P970 irons violated eight of its own patents. It was denied a request that would have prevented the sale of TaylorMade irons and then took the case further with a group of new attorneys.

TaylorMade's attorneys are seeking a dismissal of the lawsuit against the company. They claim that PXG hasn't met the burden of proof for a claim, so the complaint shouldn't be allowed to continue. The companies will battle in court at a hearing in December.

Patents are important documents. In cases like these, they could help your business protect its products. It's your right to challenge anyone who violates your patent by taking him or her to court.

Source: Golf Digest, "TaylorMade now going after PXG in patent infringement dispute," Mike Stachura, Nov. 27, 2017

On behalf of Crockett & Crockett posted on Monday, December 4, 2017.

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